The Shire of Christmas Island has recently been appointed the custodians of all denominations (religions) across the Island cemeteries. This means that the Shire is not only responsible for the maintenance of these areas, but are now responsible for family members and relatives to book a plot in the relevant resting place for their loved ones either in advance or after their passing. The Shire now keeps an official register of these bookings, which in the future will make it much easier for people to locate a specific grave when visiting. The plot (grave-site) can be booked by visiting the Shire office at the George Fam Centre on Murray Road or by downloading and filling out the form (on the right, also available in Chinese and Malay) then return it to us either by email to admin@shire.gov.cx or mail to PO Box 863, Christmas Island WA 6798.

Please also refer to our Fees and Charges.