The Community Consultative Committee

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The Community Consultative Committee (CCC) is a Committee of the Shire of Christmas Island. It was established in 1992 during the introduction of the Law Reform Process to the Indian Ocean Territories for the purpose of promoting discussion, information and feedback and to make the Commonwealth, currently the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (DIRD) aware of any issues the community has regarding the impact of WA laws in the Territory of Christmas Island. The CCC has also taken on the role of commenting on Service Delivery Arrangements (SDAs) to Christmas Island. These arrangements are negotiated and agreed between the Commonwealth and the State of Western Australia.
The CCC is the primary forum for consultation about SDAs services that impact on the wider community and has continued to provide consultation and information services in respect to Commonwealth and State level services.  
The Committee comprises representatives from major community organisations. Community members are encouraged to contact any of the following CCC representatives (refer attached) to raise issues of community concerns.
Further information is available from the Manager Community Services on (08) 9164 8300 ext 233 or email