Cat Control

The following information is provided as accurate as possible at the time. The information will be updated regularly or when new relevant information becomes available.

Cats can be kept as domestic pets on Christmas Island. However, under Commonwealth quarantine legislation, cats cannot be brought to the Island. It is possible to take cats away from the Island, subject to quarantine requirements.


The Shire has introduced a Cat Local Law to control the number of cats kept by residents and to protect the amenity of the town and the environment. The Cat Local Law provides a scheme for registering and neutering cats, as well as for the impounding and disposal of unwanted cats. By controlling cats in the town areas, the Cat Local Law supports the objectives of Christmas Island Parks Australia and Christmas Island Phosphates to eliminate feral cats in national park and mine lease areas.


The Cat Local Law requires residents to apply for a permit to keep a cat. Currently there is no fee to obtain a permit although the Cat Local Law requires the owners of cats to be easily identifiable. The Cat Local Law also sets out arrangements for the trapping, impounding and disposal of stray and/or feral cats. Under the current Service Delivery Agreement (SDA) between the Commonwealth and the WA State Government, the provisions of the newly adopted legislation known as the Cat Act (CI) 2011 apply. The owner of a cat that has reached 6 months of age must ensure that the cat is sterilised by a veterinarian, unless the cat is exempt from sterilisation. More details of the Cat Act (CI) 2011 can be found by following the link below.


For further information can be obtained by contacting the Shire Ranger on 0439 215 309 or email