Dog Registration and Control

The following information is provided as accurate as possible at the time. The information will be updated regularly or when new relevant information becomes available.


The Western Australian Dog Act 1976 is applied to Christmas Island under the Service Delivery Agreement (SDA) between the Commonwealth and the WA State Government as applied legislation and is known as the Dog Act (CI) 1976. The provisions of the Shire of Christmas Island Local Dog Law 2001 also apply to dog owners on Christmas Island and these are intended to assist dog owners in their responsibilities as pet owners. Dog owners are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Shire of Christmas Island Local Dog Law 2001 and in particular the provisions that apply uniquely to the community and environment of the island.


The legislation requires all dogs over the age of three months to be registered. A current registration tag will be issued once the dog is registered at the Shire of Christmas Island (Shire). In public places the tag must be worn at all times and notifications must be provided to the Shire when there is a change in ownership or address of the dog. Fines imposed for an unregistered dog are currently $110 and dogs found in public places without a collar or registration tag render the owner liable to a $55 fine.


In public places leashes, restraints and/or harnesses must be used to control dogs and there are no designated ‘exercise areas’ on Christmas Island. Dogs not restrained correctly render the owner/controller liable to the provisions of the Dog Act (CI) 1976 that may carry a modified penalty. The same applies for dogs that become a nuisance, especially dog barking and dangerous dogs. It is also the responsibility of the dog owner and/or controller to pick up any excreta the dog may leave behind and to dispose of.


A dog pound is provided at the Shire Depot and nuisance or missing dogs can be reported to the Shire Ranger on 0439 215 309 or 91648300 (extension 242). Further general information regarding dog registration and control can also be directed to these numbers, or in person at the Shire Administration Office, George Fam Centre Murray Road Christmas Island.