Guidelines for the Keeping of Poultry

The following information is provided as accurate as possible at the time. The information will be updated regularly or when new relevant information becomes available.


The keeping of poultry on premises is regulated under the Shire of Christmas Island Health Local Laws 2010 as amended (‘Health Local Laws’). The original Health Local Laws were adopted October 1999 and gazetted August 2000, with a review and amendments adopted in 2010.


The purpose of these guidelines is to provide information in easy to read terms so that owners of poultry are made aware of their obligations under the Shire of Christmas Island Health Local Laws 2010. References in brackets are Health Local Laws clause numbers.


An occupier of a premise is not permitted to keep a rooster without council approval (5.3.4). Council may revoke permission to keep a rooster if the rooster is causing nuisance or is injurious, offensive or dangerous to health (5.3.4).


12 poultry is the maximum number that can be kept without Council approval (5.3.2). A person who keeps poultry must (5.3.3):

  • ensure that no poultry is able to approach within 15 meters of a dwelling house, public building or premises that employs people or where food is stored, prepared, manufactured or sold;
  • ensure that all poultry is kept in a properly constructed and securely fastened structure or an enclosure of adequate size;
  • ensure that the poultry may not approach within 15 meters of a street;
  • maintain all enclosures in which the poultry are kept in a clean condition.


Any person wanting more information about the keeping of poultry should contact the Shire Ranger on 0439 215 309 or email