Environmental Health Plan

The plan identifies the statutory obligations the Shire has in relation to environmental health on Christmas Island as well as additional services that would normally be performed. The purpose of the plan is to provide a structured basis to the management of the various environmental health functions. It details activities to be carried out over a set period of time to achieve desired outcomes which can be measured and evaluated for effectiveness.  The plan is based on a structured functional goal/strategies approach and forms part of the Planning Building & Health Section Plan.


Section 26 of the Health Act 1911 (WA)(CI) [the Act] empowers and requires local government to administer the Act, its regulations and local laws within its district. Local government’s contribution to the reduction in the spread of disease and maintenance of a safe and healthy population results from both implementation of its legislative responsibilities and provision of other health services as it sees as appropriate to its community. Some discretionary functions commonly carried out by local governments in WA, such as immunisation, are carried out by IOT Health Service on Christmas Island. This arrangement best utilises the resources and expertise as there are only two local governments within the domain of the IOT Health Service.


The plan supplements both Shire’s Strategic Plan and Principal Activities Plan and sets out the manner in which it is intended that environmental health functions will be undertaken over the next five years.  The plan does not, and cannot, anticipate all community service activities of the section, and it should be recognised that many of these are responsive and unpredictable.

The Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care produced the National Environmental Health Strategy in 1999 National Environmental Health Strategy Implementation Plan in 2000. Chapter 2 of the National Environmental Health Strategy introduced the Australian Charter for Environmental Health which listed responsibilities of Government:

  • Setting clear management standards that are consistent across governments
  • Ensuring effective mechanisms for linkages between agencies to achieve improved environmental health outcomes

  • Ensuring appropriate environmental health infrastructure and services are available and effective
  • Ensuring seamless transition between jurisdictions and agencies, especially in management of environment and environmental health issues

  • Ensuring that planning and regulatory decisions recognise that the integrity and sustainability of the ecosystem must be maintained

  • Transparent and consultative decision making processes
  • Development of consistent legislation, standards and approaches to enforcement
  • Planning, preparing and responding to environmental health challenges
  • Aiding community involvement
  • Facilitating investment in strategic environmental health research.
  • The Environmental Health Plan, attempts to link its programs and sub programs to the strategy and/or implementation plan documents.

Programs reflect major functional areas in environmental health.  Sub programs are components of programs which utilise common processes and activities to achieve the goals of the program.  The plan is divided into the following programs:

  • Administration
  • Health Promotion
  • Food
  • Water Surveillance
  • Disease Control
  • Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • Public Swimming Pools
  • Accommodation
  • Waste Management
  • Nuisances & Complaints


Objectives and strategies in each of the sub program areas of the plan were developed in consultation with Planning Building & Health staff.  Scheduled inspection frequencies have been determined with a view to meeting the level of performance that should be expected by the Executive Director, Public Health, taking into account the Food Premises Classification System proposed by FSANZ. The Shire has information guides on many Health and Community related material.


For further information contact the Building and Health Officer on telephone number (08) 9164 8300 ext 240 or email ron@shire.gov.cx.