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Animal Pound

The Shire currently has an animal pound situated at the Shire Depot located on Quarry Road in the Light Industrial Area.  There is no public access to the animal pound and arrangements for such access must be made to the Shire Ranger or Council Planning, Building and Health office. 


Any person wanting to make enquiries about impounded or missing animals should contact the Shire Ranger on 0439 215 309 or email

Importation of Dogs and Cats

Importation of dogs and cats are prohibited. This ensures that no new diseases or introduced species contribute to any threats to the current wildlife on the island.


For more information, please contact the Shire Ranger on telephone number (08) 9164 8300 ext 242 or email

Cat Control

The following information is provided as accurate as possible at the time. The information will be updated regularly or when new relevant information becomes available.

Cats can be kept as domestic pets on Christmas Island. However, under Commonwealth quarantine legislation, cats cannot be brought to the Island. It is possible to take cats away from the Island, subject to quarantine requirements.


The Shire has introduced a Cat Local Law to control the number of cats kept by residents and to protect the amenity of the town and the environment. The Cat Local Law provides a scheme for registering and neutering cats, as well as for the impounding and disposal of unwanted cats. By controlling cats in the town areas, the Cat Local Law supports the objectives of Christmas Island Parks Australia and Christmas Island Phosphates to eliminate feral cats in national park and mine lease areas.


For accurate information on the keeping of cats and other animals, please refer to the Shire By Laws.

Animal Control

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