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Heritage Protection

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Heritage Precincts on Christmas Island

Heritage Precincts on Christmas Island are identified through the Commonwealth Heritage List found on the Department of Environment and Heritage web site.

Heritage Precincts on Christmas Island are extensive and include:

  • Administrators House (Tai Jin House) Precinct

  • Settlement (the whole area)

  • Drumsite Industrial Area (including the incline)

  • Poon Saan (the whole area)

  • Settlement Administrative Area

  • Malay Kampong (the whole area)



Items listed on the Commonwealth Heritage List are protected and cannot be altered, demolished or reconstructed without first obtaining approval. Persons wishing to develop properties contained on the list must first contact the Department of Environment and Heritage to determine whether the work constitutes a controlled action pursuant to the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).


Reference should also be made to the Heritage Branch of the Department to assess the proposal on its impact on the Heritage item.


The items listed in the Commonwealth Heritage List are also listed in the Shire of Christmas Island Town Planning Scheme No 1 – District Zoning Scheme. Planning permission is also required to carry out any work on a heritage item including alteration, demolition or reconstruction of any of the listed items.


When a planning application is made to the Shire the assessment will review the local heritage impacts in relation to developed policies. The Shire would ordinarily concur with an approval and comments made by the Department and Heritage.


For more information, please contact the Building and Health Officer on telephone number (08) 9164 8300 ext 240 or email

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