Public Notice 03/21


The Council at its ordinary meeting held on 23 March 2021 passed the following resolution.

Council approves in principle the March 2021 Proposed Amendment to the Light Industrial Area (The Report) and its proposed Actions as input into the Christmas Island Strategic Assessment (CISA) Land Use Plan (LUP), the Review of the 2015 Local Planning Strategy and ultimately the formulation of the Local Planning Scheme No.3 (LPS No.3).

Council to seek stakeholders and community comments on the Report through Public Notice.

The Report advocates land tenure adjustments for the LIA and is designed to ultimately inform the mandatory Review of the 2015 Shire of Christmas Island Local Planning Strategy (LPS) and Local Planning Scheme No.2 (LPS No.2) in accordance with the requirements of the WA Planning and Development Act 2005 – Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015.

The Shire is seeking submissions or comments on the Report

Submissions or comments on the Report may be lodged by email to or in writing to addressed as follows:

Chief Executive Officer

Shire of Christmas Island

PO Box 863


Submissions or comments must be lodged and received by 4.00pm on Wednesday 14thApril 2021.

The Report is shown as below and is available on the Shire of Christmas Island website –

Public Notice 49/20


The 1st meeting of the Shire of Christmas Island Fishery Management Committee was held 16th December 2020 at which the committee passed the following resolution.

“1. The Fishery Management Committee shall conduct community consultations about the regulations of the Christmas Island Fishery for the purpose of providing an alternative set of regulations to the Commonwealth’s Fishery Management Ordinance 2020.

2.  Written submissions are invited from individuals and organisations to be received by the CEO by close of Business Friday 26 February 2021.

3.  Further consultations shall include oral submissions to the committee during March 2021.

4.  A written statement summarising the submissions is to be prepared for publication in the Islander to be followed by community consultation meetings.”

Submissions may be lodged by email to or in writing to addressed as follows:

Chief Executive Officer

Shire of Christmas Island

PO Box 863


Submissions must be lodged and received by 4.00pm on Friday 26th February 2021.

Public Notice 48/20


In accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 1995 (WA) (CI), notice is hereby given that the Elector’s Meeting will be held at the George Fam Chambers on Tuesday 2 February 2021 commencing at 6.30pm.

The matters to be discussed at the Electors Meeting are the contents of the 2020 Annual Report and any other general business related to the Shire.

The annual report is available at the George Fam Main Office and Public Library during office hours or the Shire’s website

All residents are welcome.

Public Notice 43/20


Members of the public are advised that at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 17 November 2020, Council determined the schedule of Council meetings for 2021.

The Local Government Act 1995 (WA) (CI) requires the Council to decide meeting dates for the year and to publicly notify these dates at least once.

Meetings will be held approximately every four weeks on Tuesday evenings commencing at 7.00pm in the Council Chambers at the George Fam Centre on the following dates:

9 February 2021

23 March 2021

27 April 2021

25 May 2021

15 June 2021

27 July 2021

24 August 2021

28 September 2021

26 October 2021

16 November 2021

7 December 2021

All meetings are open to the public and public question time will be provided at the beginning of each meeting allowing members of the public an opportunity to ask questions relating to the operations of the Shire of Christmas Island.

Public Notice 39/20


Council Resolution

The Shire of Christmas Island resolved at its 22 September 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting to initiate a formal dialogue with the Kampong residents to collaboratively explore a future sustainable planning and social approach in response to on-going rock fall threats and recognised coastal risks affecting the ageing Kampong housing stock and amenities.

Coastal Risks affecting the Kampong

Coastal hazards such as shoreline erosion and inundation associated with storm surges and rock fall triggered by torrential rains are recognised risks having the potential to exercise significant pressure on the integrity of the Kampong built form and infrastructure with predictable impacts affecting residents.

Climate Change

There is scientific consensus within Australia and internationally that the effects of Climate Change such as bushfires and cyclones are increasing in frequency, scale and severity with considerable physical, economic and social impacts on the communities involved. This is relevant to the Kampong and has been documented in the 2009 and 2012 Climate Change Risk Assessment for the Australian Indian Ocean Territories.

This issue is also identified in the SoCI 2015 Local Planning Strategy that specifically stipulates: “Develop a long term residential transition plan (20-30 years) for the Kampong towards safer existing and new urban areas”

Need to be prepared

This dialogue between the Shire and the Kampong community aim at identification or reserved areas in advance of any catastrophic event, which will provide the Kampong residents with agreed options and pathways to assist and timely protect the socio-economic interests of the Kampong residents.

Commonwealth responsibility

The Commonwealth is currently preparing a 30 years land use plan as part of the Christmas Island Strategic Assessment (CISA) dealing with environmental constraints and ultimately the opening-up of new Crown Land area for development. As part of this process the Shire wants to ensure that the Kampong residents will ultimately be provided with suitable choices in location and housing types in agreed reserved areas should a future relocation be necessary.

Shire responsibility

Finally, the Shire is reviewing its Local Planning Strategy which, when endorsed, will identify agreed reserved residential areas for Kampong residents.

Manager of Governance, Research, Policy and Grants

Chris Su,

Local Planning Strategy 2021-2026

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