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Public Notice 14/23

June 8, 2023


14 June 2023 at 5:00pm @ the Malay Club

Join us in a public information meeting to learn more about recent changes in recreational fishing management at Christmas Island.

Come learn about the fishing rules, management updates and upcoming fisheries research and management activities for the year ahead. This is also your chance to come and meet our new Fisheries Ranger, Shahrin Jamil.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Questions? Contact Shahrin at or Kendra at

Services provided by the Shire of Christmas Island in fisheries management are delivered in partnership with the Australian Government, through Commonwealth funding support.

Public Notice 13/23

May 24, 2023


Organisations are invited to apply for assistance for projects, events or activities planned for the 2023/24 financial year.  The Shire’s policy on Donations to Community Organisations applies.

A key aim of the policy is to “assist community organisations in the provision of services and facilities for the benefit of the community of Christmas Island”. The Shire can assist with donations, providing in-kind support with facilities and services, or by helping organisations apply for funding from other sources.

Early applications from community organisations will assist the Shire in planning expenditure for the coming year. Council will decide on the amount of money available for community assistance as part of the process of adopting the 2023/24 Budget.

Application forms are available from Reception at the George Fam office during opening hours or on the Shire’s website - Applications should be returned to the Shire of Christmas Island by 30 June 2023.  Further information and assistance in making the application can be obtained from the Chief Executive Officer, on telephone 9164 8300 ext 235.




申请表格可于办公时间内向乔治范中心的市政局办事处接待服务柜台,或者通過市議會官網索取。申请表格必须于2023年6月30日之前递交市政局,进一步详情或填写申请表格的疑问,请联络圣诞岛市政局执行长官电话91648300号转支线 235号。

Badan-badan persatuan masyarakat yang bercadang mengadakan apa-apa projek, perayaan atau kegiatan untuk tahun 2023/24 diundang untuk memohon bantuan menerusi dana bantuan masyarakat dari Konsil Bandaran, mengikut tata-polisi dari Konsil Bandaran yang dikenakan.

Tujuan utama tata-polisi dikenakan ialah untuk “membantu pertubuhan masayrakat memberi perkhidmatan dan menyediakan kemudahan demi masyarakat Pulau Krismes”. Konsil bandaran boleh membantu dari segi kewangan, menyediakan bantuan yang berupakan kemudahan dan perkihdmatan, atau membantu persatuan membuat permohonan bantun dari lain-lain dana bantuan.

Permohonan awal dari persatuan masyarakat akan dapat membantu Konsil merancang perbelanjaan nya untuk tahun akan datang. Konsil akan memutuskan jumlah wang yang diberi untuk bantuan masyarakat sebagaimana mengikut proses Bajet 2023/24.

Borang permohonan boleh anda dapati dari pejabat George Fam atau dapatkan di laman Shire –   Borang permohonan mesti dikembalikan tidak lewat dari 30hb June 2023. Maklumat lanjut dan bantuan di dalam membuat permohonan boleh didapatkan dari Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif melalui talian 9164 8300 sambungan 235.

Public Notice 12/23

May 23, 2023


In accordance with section 3.50 of the Local Government Act 1995 (WA, CI) notice is hereby given for the temporary closure of Poon Saan Road to all traffic from Monday, 3 to Sunday, 9 July 2023. The extent of the closure is between Meng Chong Trading Carpark to CI Apartments (refer to Diagram 1).

For the duration of the closure, Poon Saan Road will become a two way street from CI Apartments along Poon Saan Road towards Murray Road. Motorists will need to take extra care when driving during this period. STRICTLY NO PARKING will apply on Poon Saan Road between Lucky Ho Restaurant and before Apartment Block 567 (refer to Diagram 2). Please note the temporary Give Way sign near Blocks 567 and 568. Only 1 vehicle can fit around that bend so please give way to oncoming traffic.

The Shire of Christmas Island apologises for any inconvenience caused by the road closure.

Enquiries in relation to the road closure should be directed to the Manager Works, Services & Waste, Troy Davis on 9164 8300 (ext. 230) or 0439215306.

根据1995年《地方政府法》(WA,CI)第3.50节的规定,特此发出通知,要求在2023年7月3日至7月9日(星期一至星期日) 期间暂时关闭所有交通。关闭范围为 Meng Chong Trading停车场至CI Apartments(见图1)。

在封闭期间,Poon Saan 路将成为一条由CI Apartments 沿 Poon Saan路通往Murray 路的双向街道。驾车人士在这段期间驾驶时需格外小心。介乎Lucky Ho餐厅与567号公寓大厦之前的一段Poon Saan 路将严格禁止泊车参考图2)。


如对道路封闭有任何疑问,请致电9164 8300(分机230)或0439215306与Troy Davis工程、服务和废物管理经理联系。

Selaras dengan seksyen 3.50 Akta Kerajaan Lokal 1995 (WA, CI) kini notis ini diberi untuk penutupan sementara Jalan Poon Saan kepada semua trafik dari 3 Julai (Isnin) hingga 9 Julai (Ahad) 2023. Tahap penutupan adalah antara Meng Chong Trading Carpark ke CI Apartments (rujuk kepada Diagram 1).

Sepanjang tempoh penutupan, Jalan Poon Saan akan menjadi jalan dua hala dari CI Apartments di sepanjang Jalan Poon Saan ke arah Jalan Murray. Pemandu kenderaan perlu berhati-hati semasa memandu dalam tempoh ini. Peraturan DIALARANG PARKING YANG KETAT akan digunakan di Jalan Poon Saan antara Restoran Lucky Ho dan sebelum Blok Apartment 567 (rujuk kepada Diagram 2).

Shire Pulau Krismas memohon maaf atas sebarang kesulitan yang disebabkan oleh penutupan jalan ini.

Pertanyaan berhubung dengan penutupan jalan hendaklah ditujukan kepada Manager, Pekerjaan Perkhidmatan & Perbuangan, Troy Davis di nombor 9164 8300 (ext. 230) atau 0439215306.

Public Notice 11/23

April 27, 2023


In accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 1995 (WA) (CI), notice is here by given that the Elector’s Meeting will be held at the George Fam Chambers on Tuesday 23 May 2023 commencing at 6.30pm.

The matters to be discussed at the Electors Meeting are the contents of the 2022 Annual Report and any other general business related to the Shire.

The annual report is available at the George Fam Main Office and Public Library during office hours or the Shire’s website

All residents are welcome.

Public Notice 10/23

April 27, 2023


In 2017 the Shire following a public comment period adopted the Settlement Sports Hall Refurbishment June 2017.

The recent creation of the marine park and the introduction of the fisheries ordinance has brought a new set of opportunities for the re-use of the building with the possibility to better take advantage of its location immediately adjacent to the ocean without diminishing its function towards tourism and community activities

Accordingly, the SOCI is seeking to elevate the concept to a Sustainability Hub with the following proposed features:

At ground level: Marine science research; Marine aquaculture studies; Shared laboratory and office space; Aquaponic & hydroponic LED experiments; Aquarium display; Shared auditorium (tourism, education & research) and Community activities for event and functions.

The Gaze Road level would remain unchanged with: The relocated visitors centre; Internet hub; Shop premises; Café/restaurant & kitchen and a share balcony

The mezzanine level could provide: Office space for the CITA; Office space for the fisheries ranger(s); Possible office space dedicated to the marine park and a shared boardroom

The SETTLEMENT SPORTS HALL REFURBISHMENT SUBSTAINABLEITY HUB – DESIGN CONCEPT PLAN is available at the George Fam Main Office and Public Library during office hours or the Shire’s website

Please submit your feedback by 16th May 2023 to the Shire CEO by email at, in writing to PO Box 863, Christmas Island WA 6798 or in person at the Shire Offices during office hours.

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