Public Notice 20/22

May 15, 2022


Organisations are invited to apply for assistance for projects, events or activities planned for the 2022/23 financial year.  The Shire’s policy on Donations to Community Organisations applies.

A key aim of the policy is to “assist community organisations in the provision of services and facilities for the benefit of the community of Christmas Island”. The Shire can assist with donations, providing in-kind support with facilities and services, or by helping organisations apply for funding from other sources.

Early applications from community organisations will assist the Shire in planning expenditure for the coming year. Council will decide on the amount of money available for community assistance as part of the process of adopting the 2022/23 Budget.

Application forms are available from Reception at the George Fam office during opening hours or on the Shire’s website - Applications should be returned to the Shire of Christmas Island by 30 June 2022.  Further information and assistance in making the application can be obtained from the Chief Executive Officer, on telephone 9164 8300 ext 235.



Badan-badan persatuan masyarakat yang bercadang mengadakan apa-apa projek, perayaan atau kegiatan untuk tahun 2022/23 diundang untuk memohon bantuan menerusi dana bantuan masyarakat dari Konsil Bandaran, mengikut tata-polisi dari Konsil Bandaran yang dikenakan.

Tujuan utama tata-polisi dikenakan ialah untuk “membantu pertubuhan masayrakat memberi perkhidmatan dan menyediakan kemudahan demi masyarakat Pulau Krismes”. Konsil bandaran boleh membantu dari segi kewangan, menyediakan bantuan yang berupakan kemudahan dan perkihdmatan, atau membantu persatuan membuat permohonan bantun dari lain-lain dana bantuan.

Permohonan awal dari persatuan masyarakat akan dapat membantu Konsil merancang perbelanjaan nya untuk tahun akan datang. Konsil akan memutuskan jumlah wang yang diberi untuk bantuan masyarakat sebagaimana mengikut proses Bajet 2022/23.

Borang permohonan boleh anda dapati dari pejabat George Fam atau dapatkan di laman Shire – Borang permohonan mesti dikembalikan tidak lewat dari 30hb June 2022. Maklumat lanjut dan bantuan di dalam membuat permohonan boleh didapatkan dari Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif melalui talian 9164 8300 sambungan 235.


社区协助 2022/23– 邀请提呈申请




申请表格可于办公时间内向乔治范中心的市政局办事处接待服务柜台,或者通過市議會官網索取。申请表格必须于2022年6月30日之前递交市政局,进一步详情或填写申请表格的疑问,请联络圣诞岛市政局执行长官电话91648300号转支线 235号。

Public Notice 19/22

May 9, 2022


Residents are advised that the Lily Beach Boardwalk will be closed until further notice due to significant damage. The damage was reported on the 10/05/22. A local contractor was notified and the repairs would be attended to as soon as possible.

For further information please contact Manager of Works and Services, Mr Graeme Hedditch at the Shire of Christmas Island on 9164 8300 (ext. 230) or 0439215306.

Public Notice 18/22

May 2, 2022


The Shire of Christmas Island would like to make the residents of Christmas Island aware of the Reseal Roadworks taken place on Poon Saan Road. Starting from the intersection of Silver City Road and completing at the pedestrian speed hump in front of Smash Café.

Car parking in front of these blocks on Poon Saan Road will be unavailable from 7.30am – 4pm. It would be appreciated if all vehicles are removed from this area with Traffic Management being implemented during this time.

Roadworks will commence on 9thMay 2022 for approximately 1 week and allowing for the road to be swept off any lose stones.

The Shire of Christmas Island apologises for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

For further information please contact the Manager Works, Services and Waste, Mr Graeme Hedditch by email: or on 9164 8300 (ext. 230) or Mob: 0439 215 306.

Public Notice 17/22

April 26, 2022


The Shire of Christmas Island invites tenders from the public for the purchase of the following surplus trailers.

Description - Plant No/ Asset No - Year - Approx Km/Hrs - Comment

1. Single Axle Trailer (Blue) - P0547 - - - Reasonable

2. Single Axle Trailer (Light Blue) - P60152- - - Reasonable

3. Plant Trailer (Yellow) - P0644 - - - Reasonable

All vehicles and equipment are offered on an ‘as is where is’ condition. Some vehicles and equipment are subject to a reserve price to be revealed on application. Unless otherwise noted, vehicles and equipment will be available for inspection at the Shire Depot located in Quarry Road, Christmas Island. An inspection of the vehicles and equipment may be arranged by contacting the Works Officer on 9164 8515.

Tenders shall be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and close on 19th May 2022 at 2.00pm.

Full details and requirements are contained in the tender documentation which is available by contacting the Operations Support Officer, Ms Iris Lim on 08 9164 8300 Ext 229 or email

David Price

Chief Executive Officer

Public Notice 16/22

April 18, 2022


The Shire will close its offices at 12 noon on Friday 29 April 2022 (half day) and will be closed all day on Monday 2 May 2022 for Hari Raya Puasa Public Holiday.

Shire office & Depot 

Friday 29 April 2022 - Half day Closed from 12 noon

Saturday 30 April 2022 - CLOSED

Monday 2 May 2022 Public Holiday - CLOSED


Friday 29 April 2022 - CLOSED

Saturday 30 April 2022 - CLOSED

Monday 2 May 2022 Public Holiday - CLOSED

Rubbish Tip

Friday 29 April 2022 - Half day Open from 7am to 12 noon

Saturday 30 April 2022 - CLOSED

Monday 2 May 2022 Public Holiday - CLOSED

Rubbish Collection

Friday 29 April 2022 - Normal

Saturday 30 April 2022 - Normal

Monday 2 May 2022 Public Holiday - Normal

The Shire office and other services and facilities will be back to their normal hours from Tuesday 3 May 2022.

On behalf of Councillors and staff, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

David Price

Chief Executive Officer