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Environmental Services

Helping the community

Monitoring and Regulation

Local Laws

To serve the needs of the community and to reflect the
special requirements of Christmas Island the Shire has
developed a number of Local Laws. The local laws
affecting the Planing Building and Health Functions
of the Shire include:

  • Cat Local Law 2018

  • Dogs Amendment Local Law 2018

  • Health Amendment Local Laws 2018

  • Parking and Parking Facilities Amendment Local Law 2018

  • Standing Orders Amendments Local Law 2018

  • Plastic Bag Reduction Local Law 2018

  • Animals, Environment & Nuisance Local Law 2018


The adopted Local Laws are enforceable and in the
interests of the community. Shire officers work to
ensure that these local laws are upheld and the
community is asked to abide by the requirements
of these laws.


Should persons be concerned about any apparent contraventions of the Local Laws the matter should be discussed with the Building and Health Officer on telephone number (08) 9164 8300 ext 240 or email

Enforcement Policy

The Ranger is responsible to resolve many issues that are potentially enforceable actions.  In the first instance the Ranger will attempt to achieve resolution to problems to the satisfaction of complainants by negotiation with offenders. This may involve issuing warning letters and rectification directions.


If problems cannot be remedied by this means the Ranger is empowered to issue infringement notices.


For more information, please contact the Building and Health Officer on telephone number (08) 9164 8300 ext 240 or email

Infringements and Fines

Infringement Notices are a tool available to authorised officers within the Shire for the provision of an “on the spot” penalty for persons who offend against local laws requirements in certain circumstances. The Ranger is empowered to issue these fines for littering, parking and animal offences.


For more information, please contact the Ranger on mobile number 0439 215 309 or email

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