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Building and Planning

Community Development and Growth

The Shire is responsible for establishing and maintaining a Town Planning Scheme and other instruments and processes that control how land is used and developed on Christmas Island. There are many aspects to building and planning that are managed by the Shire. These include considering applications from residents and developers to use and build on land, identifying longer term land use, preservation of Island heritage, and ensuring development complies with building codes and standards.


For planning and development matters, please contact the Chief Executive Officer on telephone number (08) 9164 8300.


For building matters, please contact the Building and Health Officer on telephone number (08) 9164 8300 ext 240 or email


The Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) maintains a register of business licences (BLIS) that may be required to start or operate a business on Christmas Island.  This register can be found at the SBDC Business License Finder website.

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