Public Notice 47/21

October 20, 2021

Residents are advised that during the months from December to April, Christmas Island can be affected by cyclonic and/or storm activity. It is vital that homes and workplaces are free of loose items that can become dangerous in the event of strong winds.

Now is the time to clean up around homes and workplaces. Loose debris, vegetation, sheets of iron, empty drums etc. can become dangerous in the event of strong winds.

To assist with the clean-up, the Shire will be undertaking a general collection of unwanted items (other than household waste) from residential areas from Thursday 4th to November to 2ndinclusive.

The free collection services will be conducted as follows please insure your items are placed out before the collection dates.


Thursday 4th to 10th November


Thursday 11th to 17th  November

Silver City, Poon Saan and Taman  Sweetland

Thursday 18th to 24th  November


Thursday 25th November to 2nd  December

To assist this collection, waste types should be separated into different piles and be placed clears of obstructions in a location reasonably accessible by the Shire’s collection vehicle and work crews.  Tree branches and vegetation in particular should be stacked separately to facilitate easy dumping at the refuse site.

Only debris that can be lifted by one person will be removed. Anyone wishing to have bulky objects removed from their property will need to make special arrangements with the Shire.

People leaving the Islandduring the Christmas/Chinese New Year period should ensure that all objects capable of being moved by strong winds are secured. Wheelie bins should be removed from the edge of the road, cleaned and secured on your property.

This clean-up is provided to help protect you and your neighbour’s property. Your participation is encouraged and your co-operation in making our community safe is appreciated. Please note that cars motorcycles and boats will not be picked up.

For further information please contact the Foreman, Parks and Gardens on 9164 8515 Mob: 0439 215 312

David Price

Chief Executive Officer