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Public Notice 31/22

July 18, 2022

The Shire of Christmas Island invites the community to provide feedback on the proposed use of the rear servant’s quarters at house 8 on Coconut Grove, Lot 155, as a short term accommodation facility operated by the owners of house 8 Coconut Grove.

Under the Local Planning Scheme 2 gazetted in February 2016 and in following the Planning and Development act 2015, proposed applications to change land usage require the Shire to canvass the community for their comments before proceeding to make a determination on approval or rejection of the proposal. Schedule 6 of the Local Planning Scheme 2 provides this format.

Residents have until 17th August 2022 to make comment to the local Shire regarding the proposal. Residents may do this through email to or in writing to SOCI at PO Box 863, Christmas Island, WA 6798. They may also drop off written correspondence to the Shire’s front desk during office hours. A copy of the applicant’s rationale is viewable at and at the front desk. A copy of the application and this notice will be published in The Islander of this coming 29th July.

David Price

Chief Executive Officer

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